Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Title abbreviation: Adv Clin Exp Med
JCR Impact Factor (IF) – 1.514
Index Copernicus  – 152.95 pts
MNiSW – 40 pts

ISSN 1899–5276 (print)
ISSN 2451-2680 (online)
Periodicity – monthly


Dear Readers, Authors, Reviewers, Members of the Scientific Committee and Section Editors,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the 30th year of Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine! I thank you for staying with us as our community continues to expand.

Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine has been published by the Wroclaw Medical University since 1992. The originator, organizer and first Editor-in-Chief of the journal (1992-1997) was Prof. Bogumił Halawa. The journal was then entitled Postępy Medycyny Klinicznej i Doświadczalnej and appeared quarterly. Since 1997 the journal was headed by Prof. Leszek Paradowski who in 1998 introduced changed in the journal’s profile and cover design. The title was changed to Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine to welcome articles in English. Moreover, a number of outstanding representatives of medical science from Poland and abroad were invited to participate in the newly established International Editorial Staff. In years 2000-2005 Prof. Antonina Harłozińska-Szmyrka was journal’s Editor-in-Chief and in years 2006-2007 once again Prof. Leszek Paradowski. Professor Maria Podolak-Dawidziak continued their role in years 2008-2016 and in 2017-2020 the journal’s Editor-in Chief was Prof. Maciej Bagłaj. Today, I am honored to continue the journey full of challenges of my venerable predecessors.

2021 has inherited the challenges of 2020. While a global pandemic has been a looming risk for decades, COVID-19 has come as a shock to society, health systems, economies and governments worldwide. In the midst of extraordinary challenges and uncertainty, and countless personal tragedies, leaders are under pressure to make decisions on managing the immediate impact of the pandemic and its consequences, decisions that will shape the state of the world for years to come. The world of science has redirected its interests to the fight against COVID-19 - this is an urgent and important challenge. In this difficult context, we are confronted with the next stages of the journal’s development: the need to improve the scientific level of published papers and the internationalization indicators. We would like Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine to be present not only in databases and among the journals cited by you, but most of all - in your scientific life. Hence the decision to establish the journal as part of scientific conferences and in social media.

The wide range of topics of the journal can be a strength, but also a weakness of our scientific activity - hence the decision to publish Call for Submissions by Section Editors on a regular basis. The topics of the issues published as part of these calls will concern the most current scientific trends.

We started this busy year with the great support of the Rectors’ authorities of Wroclaw Medical University, our new members of the Scientific Committee and new Section Editors - please accept my sincere thank you for joining the Editorial Board efforts. However, we really count on the support of those without whom no journal can exist: Authors and Reviewers, coming from the farthest scientific institutions of the world. We are all an international community in which the most important value is the development of science to help patients - this mission will guide the term of the Editorial Board in 2021-2024.

On the occasion of this New Year 2021, and on behalf of Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine Editorial Board, I wish you much fulfilling time spent with your loved ones, perseverance in carrying out the projects of your passion, and success in your research projects which, I hope, will result in publications on the pages of Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine!


Prof. Donata Kurpas